Here are some of my books, when paired with an accessory make cute and heartfelt gift items.

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I’ve created some min-art board prints of 3 mantra affirmations from the journal.
Perfect for placing around the house or office.
Available in 6×6, 8×8, or 10×10
Book: Amazon, Barnes&Noble
Art Prints: RedBubble

A sweet little coloring book for Mom’s of all ages . .
Order from: Amazon Here or Barnes&Noble Here

MORE colored pencil pack ideas, scroll to bottom of page here:

As owner, I also happen to be a certified Feng Shui Consultant since 2001, this is a nice instant gift
certificate to give the creative and spiritually minded person so they can get my PDF eGuide
download and learn how to map out the floorplan of their home with the 9 life energy centers.
A great little stocking stuffer item.
Visit: for complete info and to purchase

Art & Gifts from Others . . .

This section is for some personal friends whose work I value.

Nature Art Photos by my friend Julie Baum
These are beautiful nature photos taken while doing meditation walks on the beach on the Pacific Ocean.
Such beautiful artwork and energy! On a variety of products.
Bring a bit of natural beauty indoors.

Find her RedBubble Portfolio here.